Welcome to The Code for Australia Communities of Practice Platform

:wave: Welcome to Code for Australia’s Communities of Practice platform! We’re thrilled to have you here.

These CoPs are informal and loosely organised networks of individuals and organisations who have come together online and in person to discuss common areas of interest and solve challenges we face in our own work. This is a place to share ideas, answer questions, and learn from other folks who care about the topics at hand.

Bur first, some ground rules for being involved:

  • Behaviour of individuals will be governed by a Code of Conduct maintained by the community.

  • Our Communities of Practice will be open to anyone interested in participating - including practitioners and community members who are impacted by the government policies we’re trying to shape. We will not seek to exclude anyone based on their personal or professional background.

  • The communities of practice will work to create a positive experience for new members. This will involve maintaining documentation and other systems to help people learn about community standards and the work done to date at their own pace.

  • While working as a community, we’ll ensure we always recognise the source of concepts. Individuals should feel empowered to share their ideas without losing ownership.

How we’re using Discourse (this platform)

  • Each Community of Practice will be its own category. You can search for categories on the top left of the discussion board.
  • Within each category, you’re able to post topics. Topics can be events, resources, questions or general discussions that pertain to the category.
  • Ensure you search through existing topics to ensure what you want to contribute hasn’t been posted already
  • If there’s already an existing topic, simply hit reply to contribute.

If you get stuck on how to use this platform contact Esther or Matt from Code for Australia.