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Rules as Code

Rules as Code is an emerging model where legislation is developed directly in human and machine readable language. This approach has significant benefits when complex legislation needs to be maintained as a digital service.

Managing Digital Projects

Managing Digital Projects is a self-guided, mentor-supported course by Code for Australia. This Community of Practice is a space for participants both past and present to get to know and connect with other people who are doing, or have done the course; ask questions related to coursework and assessment; and share any resources that others may find helpful or interesting.

Digital Maturity

Digital Maturity describes an organisations capability and capacity to use technology in their operations, and embrace the culture and ways of working—such as open collaboration, design standards and agile delivery—that are associated with digital products and services.

Design Systems

A design system is a set of components that can be reused in different combinations. Design systems allow you to manage design at scale. We’re exploring the current state of Design Systems across the Australian Public Service, and discussing how we can improve engagement and awareness.

Civic Makers

Civic Makers is a volunteer-led program run by Code for Australia, that brings people together to say, “how can we make our communities better?” We do this through the lens of civic tech. Essentially, we’re looking at engaging in projects involving collaboration between technologists, and anyone with some skills or an idea to solve civic problems. If you’d like to learn more about Civic Makers or become involved join us on Slack in the #civic-makers channel.

Tech for Non Tech

Digitally fluent teams are crucial in making technology that is accessible, sustainable and useful to all. Tech for Non Tech is a course from Code for Australia where people build their digital fluency, understanding of web development and learning how to work amazingly with delivery teams.


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