Rules as Code Resources

Here are some articles, studies and resources we’ve found useful that pertain to Rules as Code.


For people interested in RaC work across the NSW Government, here’s their program overview and Emerging Technology Guide


Here’s a fantastic list of international RaC projects from Tim de Souza

“Machines are users too” - Pia Andrews’ presentation on Legislation as Code and Better Rules

We have been building a Rules as Code Handbook as a collaborative community project. it’s a work in progress: 1 Introduction · Rules-as-Code-League/RaC-Handbook Wiki · GitHub

It includes a list of articles and presentations which the community might might helpful: 7.2 Resources and links · Rules-as-Code-League/RaC-Handbook Wiki · GitHub


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A whole bunch of regulator and policy experimentation with Rules as Code in Canada here CFR Experimentation - wiki and I have an explainer deck with loads of examples, links and information about Better Rules and Rules as Code here Enjoy and welcome to the evolution! :wink: The evolution of our society from the industrial age to the digital age, and the creation of what “good” could like, where life is better for people, more equitable, and more empowering. Rules as code isn’t the answer, but it can help :slight_smile:


If you are need of a 101 level article, something that sets out the business case and can be used to help convince decision makers - Pia and I wrote this article a while back for that specific purpose - We can create better results when we code the rules | Apolitical


This is awesome Pia - thank you!

This is pithy and clear:

Pim Willemstein and Ronald G. Ross , “The Distilled Principles of Rules as Code (RaC): How to Produce Better Rules” Business Rules Journal Vol. 22, No. 2, (Feb. 2021)


This is excellent! Thanks Tim.

Just saw this was released out of experiences in NZ, on Rules as Code and also on Better Rules. It’s a fantastic report - excellent discussion of the issues and opportunities, and nicely treats many of the areas where there are myths, controversies, and over-reach.

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