RaC Tech Platform Mapping

The AUSCL “Future Law” work stream is at the cusp of launching a project to map platforms and technologies supporting RaC initiatives globally. Let me your thoughts around the insights that would be valuable for this community. Suggestions on approach - also welcome. More to come on this initiative in the next couple of weeks. Natalia Crnomarkovic, AUSCL Future Law Leader


Hi Natalia, it appears that multiple groups are working on RaC and they all come from a different (professional) angle. This is reflected in the tech platforms they use, developing or looking for. The different type of groups I am aware off: legislative/law drafting, business rules management, tech applications (rules engines and APIs). At some stage there needs to be a level of convergence or easy inter-operability.

Thank you for sharing your observations Pim…I expect that we’ll see some convergence (high volume, large players) but interoperability is the key.

Hi All - As posted on Feb 18, the AUSCL Future Law steam is super keen to embark on project with you all on technologies used to support RaC initiatives - a crowd sourcing project. Assume that we have a new comer to this CoP who is tasked to initiate a project to codify a new piece of regulation natively, working along side the policy drafters etc Key starter questions: what the RaC process look like in high level terms, what tech capabilities are needed, why and when in the process, and what platforms/technologies are you aware of that address these capabilities? Share your experience. All contributions valued - big or small. Thanks everyone.