How to use this Community of Practice

Welcome to your Managing Digital Projects Community of Practice!

About this CoP:
This is a space for participants of the course, both past and present to:

  • get to know and connect with other people who are doing, or have done the course
  • ask questions related to your coursework
  • ask questions about your assessment
  • share any resources you’ve come across that others may find helpful

How to use this CoP
*First thing’s first, we want this to be a safe and respectful (and fun!) place for all, so we have a Code of Conduct everyone must adhere to. You can read it here.
*Before you post, have a scroll to see if the question you have has already been asked and answered, or if there’s an existing topic for the content you’d like to share.

Having issues?
Please contact Code for Australia on or via Slack in the #managing-digital-projects channel.

But first thing’s first - please introduce yourself below!